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No pit, hoist way, or machine room required
Self supporting structure
50 ft total rise Max
20 ft/min travelling speed
2 to 5 stops
External cylinder diameter: 52 11/16 inches (1,316mm)
Internal cabin diameter: 43 1/2 inches (1118mm)
Internal cabin height: 6’7” (79 inches/ 2007mm)
Entrance way opening: 32 inches (813mm)
Weight of unit: 2025 lbs for 2 stop w/ 9’ ceilings
Power Supply: 35 AMP 220VAC
Through Floor or Balcony Mount Landings
In-line and 180° door openings
Aluminum and polycarbonate cylinder structure
Automatic interior LED lighting and fan
Mechanical emergency safety brake system
One year limited manufacturer warranty


Simple design and very reliable. 

Cheap to maintain over the long haul. by lucanus corporation

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