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PVE 52" Diameter

Key Lock For Cab

Optional Frame Colours - Black - White - Ligth Grey
Standard Colour is Dark Grey
    No pit, hoist way, or machine room required
    Self supporting structure
    35 ft total rise Max
    20 ft/min travelling speed
    Two to Four stops
    External cylinder diameter: 52 11/16 inches (1,316mm)
    Internal cabin diameter: 43 1/2 inches (1118mm)
    Internal cabin height: 67 (79 inches/ 2007mm)
    Entrance way opening: 32 inches (813mm)
    Weight of unit: 2025 lbs for 2 stop w/ 9 ceilings
    Power Supply: 35 AMP 220VAC
    Through Floor or Balcony Mount Landings
    In-line and 180 door openings
    Aluminum and polycarbonate cylinder structure
    Automatic interior LED lighting and fan
    Mechanical emergency safety brake system
    One year limited manufacturer warranty
    ASME A17.7 Certified